Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion

Poshmark is fashion specific where you shop millions of closets across America—and sell yours too!

I enjoy shopping through Poshmark – an online marketplace (app and website) to sell and buy new and used clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices to incredible deals. They have different posh markets for women, men and kids and for those who want to get more involved an online sellers community.

I have found some incredible fashion finds that are New With Tags (NWT) and are still current merchandise sold in stores. Whenever I find an item online or in the store that I like, I will take a mental picture of the brand and the price, pin the item to my fashion board on pinterest and search Poshmark for it. A simple search for the item using Poshmark’s sizing, color and brand filters will sometimes help me find what I am looking for or something similar.

Many of my outfits have a vintage or a unique meaningful style to them. I enjoy treasure hunting through vintage shops but also have found some of my brooches and gloves through Poshmark. I sometimes will find an accessory or clothing item that is sold out in stores in my size on Poshmark letting me get the item I want plus at a great discounted price.

The discounts and prices are not standardized and are sold at a price decided upon each seller. One of the best features of Poshmark is the make offer option allowing the potential buyer and seller to offer a better or lower price than what the seller listed it for. The offers can be either countered, declined or accepted.

When buying items I like to make offers and to buy items at 70% to 90% off their original pricing when sold in stores. I can calculate the discount by using Omni’s discount calculator.

Scroll below for more information on how offers work.

For $5 off your first Poshmark purchase use the invite code ENTANDSTYLE when you signup for a free account!

Parker NY is the go-to brand for women’s designer clothing with a city-cool edge. Shop flirty dresses, on-trend tops, luxe jackets, sequined gowns and more. Find Parker online or at Bloomingdales, Sake Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom etc. I found this sequined & beaded detailed dress on Poshmark and bought it for 95.83% off the original sale price for $20.

This Opening Ceremony camouflage jacket is appliquéd with playful embroidery of poppies and the kalidahs from William Wallace Denslow’s illustrations in the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L.Frank. Baum. The story is one of my favorites and to get the jacket at a 89.41% discount has me saying
“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

Know Before You Buy
It is helpful to know what brands you like and sizing. Items that do not fit cannot be returned at Poshmark. Poshmark has “Poshmark Protect” where they will step in to help you get a refund for items that never arrived or arrived not as described. You cannot return an item because of a sizing issue or a changed mind.

Poshmark has a great feature where you can make an offer below the listed price for an available listed item.
Unless the seller writes that the price is firm, solid, nonnegotiable or not taking offers make an offer for an item using the make offer feature at the bottom of each listing. (and even if the listing is marked firm price the make offer option is still available. I have made an offer on listings marked price is firm and the seller accepted it.)
Please note an offer once accepted is binding and you are committed to paying that price.

If you change your mind and the seller has NOT accepted your offer you can click News > Offers > View All Active offers > Go to your selected item > “Need help?” button to cancel your offer.

Don’t be discouraged if your offer is not accepted, declined or counteroffered. Sellers don’t have to take action when they receive an offer. Offers will expire automatically in 24 hours even if the seller has never responded.
Poshmark takes 20% of a listed sale. The seller’s profit is reduced and can be referred to as “Poshmark fees.” For instance if you buy the item at $45 the seller will only get $36. Your offer may have been too low to even consider countering.

Check the seller’s sold listings to see how much their other items of comparable value sold for. The sold prices can be a good indicator of how much you can offer for an item and have it be accepted.

Sometimes sellers will write no lowball offers but you may be surprised on how low your offer can be. Make an offer that you feel you would want to pay. The closer the offer is to the listed price the more likely it will be accepted without further negotiation.

If you still want the listed item make a counteroffer which will make the seller’s counteroffer void. There is a chance where the seller and you can meet in the middle to find a negotiated settled price.

I usually do not decline a seller’s counteroffer unless I don’t want the item anymore. If my best offer and the highest I am willing to pay is $15, the seller counters with $20, I will then offer again $15 to have the seller choose to decline or accept. By putting the decision to accept or decline in the seller’s hands you leave the possibility that your offer will still be accepted.

Poshmark Tip: Like an item (press the heart icon) to be notified when the price drops publicly or privately. A seller can send out a private offer to all the listing’s likers that will come with discounted shipping.
Your likes can be accessed under your username’s “my likes.”

You cannot communicate privately with a seller by sending a direct message. All of your questions or comments will be listed publicly in the comments section under each listing.

If the question or comment is not about the item perhaps you need to contact Poshmark support.

As with any online communication be respectful, patient and act with courtesy. Please read all item descriptions carefully, look at the photos and post a comment if you have a question.

I suggest you do not ask the seller about pricing in the comments and instead make an offer.

Poshmark Tip: See when the seller was last active or check other comments on listings to see if comments have been replied to recently. Go to the seller’s closet and click “About” at the top. If the “last active” is not listed the user has not been active for awhile.

This might be a good indicator whether or not to buy an item or make an offer. If the seller hasn’t been active on Poshmark chances are your item might not be shipped if you buy now or your offer might not be replied to.

Poshmark tip: search for items that have been just shared or just in or look for when the item was last updated by sorting the listings. Click on the up and down arrows on the right.

Poshmark Tip: Sellers that are Poshmark ambassadors are usually great sellers!

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Online Selling Dictionary

NWT: New with tags
NWOT: New with out tags
NIB: New in Box
NIP: New in Package
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
VGC: Very Good Conditiom
GUC: Good Used Condition
GU: Gently Used
OOAK: One of A Kind
ORP: Original Retail Price
ISO: In Search Of