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Philz Coffee: LA, OC & SD

One of Philz Coffee core values is to be kind and to keep it real which is evident in the Philz Coffee experience. Not only do they know their coffee but their extensive personalized customized blends divided by dark, medium and light roast is personally curated by Phil himself. Their teas are all hand crafted verses the standard tea bag and is always fresh and delicious with a large selection to choose from. But what separates Philz from any of the specialized individual coffee boutiques is the extra wow factor which is the food.

You will not find microwave prepared food that you get at your local Starbucks. All of their gourmet specialty toasts and bowls are handcrafted right on the spot and are beautifully presented. Click here for the menu. They also have a good selection of vegan and gluten free choices that are available with many healthful options that are exceptionally delicious. I was also surprised that they accommodated me with my dietary exceptions by omitting certain items and putting things in the side. Philz aims to please and they are high on customer service. Stores in Southern California have a selection of gluten free pastries that differs slightly by store (but are not segregated from the gluten containing items.)

  • My favorites are:
    Avocado Energy Bowl with egg, hummus, avocado, cucumbers, salt, pepper with NO Za’atar (seasoning has wheat in it) $6.25
    Almond Butter & Jam Toast on gluten free bread (contains eggs) with almond butter, jam  (strawberries, sugar,cane sugar, concentrated lemon,juice, fruit pectin) $6.25
    Avocado Toast on gluten free bread (contains eggs) with eggs and No Za’atar (seasoning has gluten in it) $6.75

For those that are in a hurry there is a case with pick up and go items such as salads and pastas. Many of them are plant based.

  • My favorites are:
    Grow-een Asian Brown Rice Noodle Salad (gluten free and vegan)
    Grow-een Basil Pasta (gluten free and vegan)

The South Coast metro location is unusually spacious as well as conveniently and strategically located on Bristol Street across the famed South Coast Plaza shopping center and nearby the mega entertainment complex of Segerstrom Center for Performing Arts home to Broadway touring shows, dance and concert venues. The interior ambiance is inviting, clean and modern with plenty of seating configurations and plugs available to get work done inside with the free WiFi. For those that prefer the outside there is patio seating. On any given time there is a line of millennials but it moves quickly and efficiently. Surprisingly there is a sufficient amount of skilled staff and baristas working. There is also a line for just drinks and food with space to wait so as not to crowd the flow of people coming in or getting a place to sit down. There is also ample parking available in the parking lot.

Philz Coffee is rapidly expanding across the United States. Presently their locations are predominately located in California and Washington DC with plans for more locations on the horizon all across the nation. Look for a Philz coffee in your area coming soon! Enjoy coffee once up at a time.

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WYETH Yellow Short Brim James Fedora
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Aqua Mustard Yellow Medium Circle Croc-Embossed Crossbody

ALLERGEN DISCLAIMER: Philz cannot guarantee that any of the products are free from allergens (including milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, wheat, and others) as shared equipment is used to store, prepare and serve them. Please be aware that their prep station, case and counter are not free from cross-contact with gluten content items.

Philz Deconstructed Avocado Energy Bowl
Almond Butter & Jam Toast on Gluten Free Bread
Grab and Go Food Options, Vegan & Gluten Free Options