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Elixir De La Lune

5544 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037
Elixir De La Lune is a healing treasure in the community of Bird Rock in La Jolla, CA. From the moment you step through the pink door, you are transported to an inviting space of serenity and beauty, a place to relax and enjoy healthy, organic drinks and delicious food, all artistically presented with care and intentionality. The drink menu includes various hot and cold drinks, smoothies, and mocktails. The food menu is also varied from breakfast and brunch entrees designed to nourish and heal the body that are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free. What sets this cafe apart is the healthy and healing food and drink offerings and the beautiful design elements. Enjoy the stylish pink chaise lounge and the bespoke wallpaper mural, which makes you feel like you are in a secret garden with butterflies, fairies, and exquisite details. You can feel comfortable entering casually after a yoga session or a walk in the neighborhood. Sit inside or outside under the pink and white umbrellas. The space also invites you to dress in a more feminine flowy style to enjoy mocktails with friends. It was a joyful blessing to meet owner Kristy Hambrick and to talk about some of the new menu offerings especially curated for the Holidays. She was warm and gracious as she shared her inspiration for Elixir De La lune and the adjoining Lavande gift and wellness boutique store!

What is the inspiration behind Elixir de la Lune?

5544 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037
After opening Lavande, the boutique store, Kristy noticed a lack of healthy food in the neighborhood. However, more profound than that was her love for plants and understanding of what plants can do for the body. Kristy shares, "I wanted to open a place where we could start to share the wisdom of plants and the emotional and spiritual benefits that plants have that most people don't know about. Everyone knows about the physical healing aspects of plants, nutrition, and all physical things, but they don't know the emotional and spiritual benefits. Physical illness is our body's last response to say, hey, something is wrong. But it's usually an emotion or a trauma that triggers physicality. So it's like if we started addressing things on that level, we will live longer, be healthier, be happier, and have a higher quality of life."

Peppermint Cacao

  • Peppermint Cacao: specially sourced cacao, essence of peppermint, doTERRA essential oils Are you craving chocolate? Enjoy this holiday flair on Elixir de la Lune's cacao drink (a twist on a signature item). Cacao is a plant medicine for the heart. It goes into the heart on an energetic level, opens and expands your heart, and removes the blocks you have to give and receive love. It physically goes in and gets the blood pumping offering antioxidants, high amounts of magnesium, and high amounts of iron. Specially Recommend by Kristy!

Forest Fairy Mocktail and Harvest Moon Mocktail

  • Harvest Moon Mocktail: featuring elderberry, elderberry syrup (made in-house with elderberries and blueberries), and cardamom Enjoy this beautiful and delicious mocktail that offers immunity support to help keep your immune systems strong, especially throughout the holidays. So take preventative care to boost your immune system while sipping a delicious drink!

Forest Fairy and Harvest Moon Mocktail

  • Forest Fairy Mocktail: Rosemary, grapefruit with moss riverine, an herbal-infused spirit. Enjoy this mocktail with herbal-infused spirits - perfect for the holidays. The grapefruit is a great mood booster giving happy, joyful, and blissful feelings. This delightful mocktail can boost you to make it through the holidays' stress, craziness, and busyness!

Gingerbread Smoothie

  • Gingerbread Smoothie: nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger This delicious holiday smoothie is healthy and immune-boosted with all the warming herbs. So enjoy the cozy feel of a gingerbread cookie in a super healthy form—gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free (like everything in the cafe). Feel good about treating yourself to a special holiday treat without any guilt! Enjoy the crumbled shortbread cookies with a little cookie on top as well!

Butternut Squash Soup


What is the inspiration behind Lavande?

Evolving Inspiration - Spiritual Wellness Boutique
Lavande started from Kristy's passion for the development of the self. Before opening the boutique, she was a stay-at-home for 15 years. Her interest in health and wellness led to her diving deep into a journey that included self-discovery, retreats, workshops, and books. Through this journey, she discovered talents and gifts she had no idea she had! Kristy shares, "I understood the importance of taking that time for yourself and what it could do for you, what it could do for your life, and how it could improve the quality of your life. I wanted to open a space where I could provide experiences for others to do that as well. So even though it's a boutique, it has gifts that are people's passions, wisdom, and talents that they've created with their own hands and hearts, and that's what we sell in the store." Visit the store for many holiday gifts! Workshops and Events help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

Advice and Inspiration

We Get To Choose
"We get to choose everything. We can either walk through life, letting life choose us, being like the victims of our circumstances, or just being in our daily routine on autopilot. Or we can choose what we want for tomorrow. We can choose what we want for the next year because our free will is our superpower. Our free will leads us toward our true hearts' desires. So I feel like if you can tune in to one way to improve the quality of your life, you can wake up every day and choose what you want for that day!" - Kristy Hambrick Elixir De La Lune serves healthy and delicious food and drinks with an invitation to choose a healthy lifestyle! Stop by the boutique and cafe the next time you are in the neighborhood! It is one of my favorite places!

Menu and Flower Essences

Complimentary with every drink
The flower essences can address the emotional issues we might not be dealing with such as acceptance, forgiveness, trust and clarity. The flower essences are included with every drink and can also be purchased in person.
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