WNDR Museum

WNDR Museum

422 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101
WNDR Museum is such a fun, immersive experience to share with a friend or on a date! Walk through two floors of interactive experiences that tell a more extraordinary story of meaning and artistry! There is also a cafe you can sit down at to enjoy some snacks or drinks. One of my favorite exhibits is the Quantum Mirror by Artist Adrian Stein. It is an infinity room with over 150 mirrors that you can walk into (shoes off) and be amazed by the changing lights and sound. I went to the museum when it wasn't crowded and could stay amongst the mirrors to experience almost a mediation-like effect. You will see multiple reflections of yourself from different angles. I am reminded of these questions whenever I step into an infinity room with mirrors. 1. What are the quality of your thoughts, conversations with people, and actions reflecting who you are and your heart? 2. How has technology or other people's opinions been projected upon you? What do your life choices and interactions reflect? 3. Who or what do you see when you look in the mirror and when you glimpse a side of angle of yourself?
  • ENTRANCE: Highlights: Enter into the WNDR Museum through an interactive light floor lined with mirrors! Interact with famous pictures of art by standing in front of the screen. Move your arms to be your own artist!

Entrance to WNDR

Interactive Art

Tickets and Info

General Admission: From $32 Hours: Monday- Wednesday 12pm - 9pm Thursday 12pm - 10pm Friday and Saturday 10am -11pm Sunday 10am - 8pm Parking: Limited. I parked in a nearby paid parking garage. You may be able to find parking on the street.
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