Goldstar – Discount Tickets

Goldstar is an online ticketing platform offering access to discounted event ticket prices for theater, attractions, concerts and more. You can conveniently choose either Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego and fill out more detailed search criteria such as categories, dates, price or venue to find an event.

In order to view the different events offered through Goldstar you will need to create a free account to login to the website or convenient app.

For most events including the ones for theater you will not be able to see what tickets you are assigned until you pick them up at will call. There is no selection of seats but you can select the price range that corresponds an area of “the house” or section you would like to sit in.

Easy Cancel = “Tickets without Commitments”
One of the biggest features of Goldstar that I appreciate is the ability to easily cancel your ticket order (even partial ticket orders) in exchange for a different performance of the same production or for an entirely new event. Goldstar opened up this feature to everyone last year! You will receive Goldstar store credit (that never expires) including the amount of the ticket and service fees. The option to “return tickets” is great for those change of plans. You most likely would never be able to do this if you bought tickets directly from the venue.

The caveat to this option is that the tickets you are canceling for still have to be available/offered for purchase on the site or app. The show can be marked as sold out as long as sales is still open for that specific show. You will be able to view the date and time the offer is set to expire under your my tickets page “need to change your date section.” There are some exceptions where the event doesn’t allow cancellations which will be stated before you purchase those tickets.

Grouping Tickets and Sitting with Friends
Goldstar makes it super easy to buy tickets separately and then sit together. There is no more need to have your friend venmo or pay you back because you had to buy two tickets and then having to make sure they get the ticket from you.
The “Sit with friends” feature will generate a special link to send to your friend(s) so your tickets and seats will be grouped together. Even if you forget to use this option you can email Goldstar customer service with the order numbers and they will take care of it for you.

Add Tickets
If after you place your order for your tickets and find out that your best friend wants to see the show too you can log back in to your Goldstar account go to “My Tickets” and “add tickets” which will be grouped to your order. Customer service might even be able to group your tickets together based upon order numbers if you don’t click on “add tickets.”

Transferring Tickets to a Friend
The name for the pickup at the event’s will call can be changed to a friend’s if you want to transfer your tickets to them. This feature can be accessed through “your tickets” select the tickets you need to change and click “Change Name.”

Other Tips:
“Like” events/venues by pressing a heart to get email notifications when new dates are added to the event/venue you’re interested in.
-Look for the smaller print below each ticket price where there will be a service fee and possibly agency fee.