TodayTix – Discount Tickets

TodayTix offers discounted last-minute (and in advance up to 30 days out) tickets for events specifically in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. There are even shows from San Diego included under the section “LA and OC.” TodayTix primarily focuses on theater tickets to musicals, plays, dance, concerts and comedy verses experiences such as activities, tours, food or sports.

Accessible & Affordable

You are able to access TodayTix through the website or app even without signing up for an account You can view all the details of the different events offered and at checkout you can choose to purchase your tickets without one!

Once you select the date and time of the event, how many tickets, and section/price level you will be given 10 minutes to complete the easy checkout process. If you do not complete your purchase in 10 minutes your tickets will be released and become available for other customers to buy them.

No Changes to Your Order

Please be advised that you cannot cancel, refund, upgrade, change or exchange your tickets. TodayTix will not provide you with credit but you might be able to transfer your tickets to a friend by changing the pick-up name on the order and sending them an email confirmation. This name change (if applicable to your event) can be found under “my orders.”

Finding the Right Show: Filters and Searches

TodayTix‘s search filtering system can be very helpful in finding an event that you wish to attend. You can filter the options by date, type, place and price.

How do I pick up my tickets?

For many of the events in LA and OC you will pick up your tickets at the venue’s box office or will call area. Please check your email and confirmation that will tell you where your tickets will be.


When purchasing anything online look at the confirmation and the details of what you are purchasing. During the checkout process you will see an added convenience fee to the listed ticket price.

Save and keep track of ticket sale options for your favorite shows by clicking on the bookmark icon. You will need be signed into your TodayTix account. You can also set alerts for when tickets become available by clicking “set alert.”

Rush Tickets

Some shows offer rush tickets ($15 or $20) that open at 9:00am daily where you are buying tickets for that day or night’s performance. The tickets are limited and work on a first-come, first-serve basis. To save some time click the “unlock to access” option and read the details prior to the day of the show. Once you have gained access to rush tickets you can check back the day of around 9am and set an alert to be notified when more go on sale.

To unlock the special $20 rush deal many of the shows have partnered with TodayTix to encourage sharing about the show on either Facebook or Twitter. However, you can also unlock the option for $20 rush tickets by clicking on “unlock without sharing” under the social media icons and “don’t share” when the reminder to share comes up.

Digital Lottery Tickets

Some of the more popular shows have lottery tickets that you can only win once per show. You can enter to win up to tickets for each performance. Matinee performances are usually excluded. “The entry period will begin at midnight two days prior to each performance, and continue until winners are notified between 1pm and 5pm the day before the performance.”

You may receive additional entries to the lottery by sharing on social media when prompted by TodayTix.

If you win, you have 30 minutes to complete your purchase. You cannot transfer your winning tickets and you cannot change the name on the order once you claim the tickets. The tickets can be picked up at will call at the venue when you present your identification.