eBay- Buy and Sell Fashion

eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce sites and online marketplaces (app and website) where buyers and sellers can buy and sell fashion, electronics, art, collectibles, etc.

I like to buy both new and used items by winning auctions, making offers or sometimes just hitting the buy now button.

Search Filters
The search filters advanced options can be very helpful in narrowing down the results and finding the item that you want. Some of my favorite filter options are for condition (new, used etc.), item location (US only), returns accepted, price (set the minimum and maximum values), brand (to make sure items are not similar knockoffs) and sorted by lowest pricing +shipping.

Save the Search Results
One of my favorite features of Ebay is the ability to save your searches and be notified with an alert when there is a new listing that matches. Therefore, you do not continually have to check the app for new listings. After you have set the filters for your search results you can save the search by clicking the save heart icon. You can then choose whether to receive alerts of new items matching the search criteria over email, over phone or just when you check back in the app.

Seller Ratings
I look for previous seller ratings that are listed as 100% next to their profile name and what other items are for sale by them. I sometimes do an advanced filtered search to see their completed sold items to see what conditions those items were and if best offers were accepted. The seller ratings can give you a good indication whether this is a trustworthy seller or if the item will arrive on time and in the described conditions. Many first time sellers do not have a percentage listed of feedback and you would be taking a risk in buying from them.

Ask Questions
eBay allows you to communicate directly and privately to the seller. When in doubt ask the seller a question by clicking “show more” under their username and ask seller a question which will help you ask a question on that particular listing.

Read Descriptions
Read the full descriptions thoroughly to see if the seller listed anything about damage or sizing. Look at each photo too for details that you might have overlooked like a missing belt, snags or loose buttons.

Be Kind and Patient
With all communication be kind and if a dispute comes up contact EBay’s customer service by phone or email to assist you in getting a problem resolved on your behalf.

It was fun to bid and win this New With Tags Alice + Olivia dress for a 92.12% savings at $29. This dress was also listed as “returns accepted” but I definitely kept this one and love the hidden pockets!
Shop Alice + Olivia for women’s designer clothing, shoes, and handbags, featuring luxe materials and fashion-forward styling.

Parker NY is one of my favorite brands when I can get a dress at a fabulous price. I bought both the Parker Olivia and Parker Hollow dresses on eBay by winning a bid and having an offer accepted. A dress that once sold for $330 in stores became $17.50 and the sheath lace metallic dress I bought at an 84.3% discount.

Parker NY is the go-to brand for women’s designer clothing with a city-cool edge. Shop flirty dresses, on-trend tops, luxe jackets, sequined gowns and more. Find their clothing online or at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus an Nordstrom.

Know Before You Buy
It is helpful to know what brands you like and sizing. “If the item you received doesn’t match the description in the original listing, or if it arrived faulty or damaged, you’re covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee.” You can return it even if the seller’s returns policy says they don’t accept returns.” However, the return policy will require you to write and attach photographs of the issue.

Look for listings that allow you to make an offer. If you like the item but not the “Buy It Now” price click on the make offer button to negotiate the price down.
The seller and you can go back and forth up to five times in negotiation with counteroffers until the offer expires, is accepted or declined.
The best offer price includes only the listed item and not the shipping. If the seller accepts your offer you will still pay their listed shipping price.
Usually there is a 48 window timeline where you are expected to pay the agreed upon amount or how long the offer is valid for.

If you want to retract your offer and the seller has NOT already accepted it then you might be able to fill out a best offer cancellation form with the item number and reason why. According to eBay it’s OK to retract a Best Offer if:


  • You accidentally enter a wrong offer amount (for example, you submitted an offer for $9.50 instead of $99.95).
  • The description of an item you have placed an offer on has changed significantly.
  • You cannot get in touch with the seller

“Please remember that every Best Offer is binding. Cancelled Best Offers are counted toward your maximum available offers. In some categories, you may not be able to make another Best Offer.”

5 Steps to Winning an eBay Auction

I love winning and bidding on items personally for the excitement! (For software bid snipping techniques click here for eBay’s information.) My main strategy to winning an auction is to be patient, do research and placing my highest bid in the closing minute or seconds. Below is my typical bidding process using the eBay app for convenience.
1. Find & Research
If I find an item that I want to buy on eBay I make sure that I cannot get a better deal on another online resource, store or listing. Sometimes another eBay listing at the “Buy it Now” or “make offer” price is better. A good auction item to bid for would be an item in great condition, from a seller with 100% feedback and that you can’t get anywhere else for the price. I read the description, measurements and look at all the photos. I do not click on the “watch” item to let anyone else know that I am interested in it. I do not place a bid at this time.
2. Identify & Record
eBay lists the time left in an auction and the day and time it will end such as Friday, 7:20pm. If I am available during the ending time I set an alert on my phone’s calendar to notify me 5 to 10 minutes before the auctions ends
3. 5 minutes to the auction closing
I carefully read the description and look at the pictures to see if any information about condition has changed. I will also glance at what the current bidding price has risen to if at all. I will also make sure I have a strong internet or WiFi connection that will not fail me in the last seconds of the auction.
4. 30 seconds or less before the auction ends
I enter my highest price I am willing to pay for the item and be satisfied if I lost it for more. Even if the current bid is only $10 I will still bid my highest amount that I am willing to pay at $56.83. It can be helpful to enter an odd amount verses just $55 because the highest bid wins and you might just win the item my $1.83 more.
5. Win & Pay
It can be fun to see the countdown clock hit to 0:00 signifying the end of the auction. The page will automatically refresh with hopefully a congratulations message that you won. I have 48 hours to pay for my item but I usually pay immediately to be a responsible buyer.

Many times you will not be paying your maximum highest bid and will only pay the increased increment over someone else’s highest bid. For typical bidding increments and more information on automatic bidding click here for eBay’s information.

Automatic Bidding
When the time is getting down to a minute or seconds you might see the bidding automatically increase.  This might be because of eBay’s automatic bidding process where eBay automatically bids upon the person with the highest bid’s behalf. If your highest amount that you are willing to bid is the highest amount entered eBay will be automatically bidding on your behalf. Therefore, always place the highest amount you are willing to pay and hopefully in the last seconds of the auction, eBay will be bidding on your behalf.

eBay Tips

  • When you receive your items in the mail check the item has arrived undamaged and as described. I would try on the clothing items in a good lighted area to look for stains or undocumented alterations. If you do happen to find damage or the item is not as described in measurements, description etc. then you have 30 days to request a refund under eBay’s money back guarantee policy. You can request a refund by going to My eBay > purchase history > request a refund next to the order.

Online Selling Dictionary

NWT: New with tags
NWOT: New with out tags
NIB: New in Box
NIP: New in Package
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
VGC: Very Good Conditiom
GUC: Good Used Condition
GU: Gently Used
OOAK: One of A Kind
ORP: Original Retail Price
ISO: In Search Of