Sample Sales

Samples Sales include merchandise from a designer or company that were prototypes “preliminary model of something from which other forms are developed or copied” or sometimes extra inventory. Some sample sales are open to the general public online, showrooms, warehouses and stores where you can buy items for at least 50% off the suggested retail price.

Know Before You Go

Be familiar with the brand’s usual pricing by going to the official website or similar online stores that carry the items. Therefore, when you get to the sample sale you understand how big of a deal is being offered.

Go into a sample sale understanding your pre-determined budget and a general theme or focus of what you would like to get. Just because it is on sale at an incredible deal does not equate that you will love wearing it later.

Try on the Clothing, if possible

It is very helpful to understand how your body usually fits in the brand’s clothing. However, true sample sale clothing might be adjusted to fit the particular model that modeled it. Therefore, an item might not fit you as expected. If a sample sale has dressing rooms, it can be helpful to see the item on to anticipate any alterations cost if needed.

True samples from the manufacturer might be a 2 or 4 so for petite people like me, I most likely will need to factor in the cost of alterations to size it down to my proportions. If overstock merchandise is being sold then there may be an increased range of sizes available where you can find a 0.

When to Go to a Sample Sale

Going at the beginning of the sale: the selection might be better
Going towards the end of the sale: additional price markdowns
For online sample or warehouse sales check to see when the sale ends. Don’t be distracted by messages to hurry or buy it now. You do not want to be stuck with a final sale item that you got in haste. You won’t be able to try these items on so be sure of your selection!

Be quick, comfortable and observant (and of course kind)

-Grab the items that catch your eye so you don’t lose out on them to someone else.
-Wear comfortable clothing such as a tank top, leggings and tennis shoes with proper undergarments. You can try clothing on over these base items.
-Observe item details. You may have grabbed an item quickly but don’t pay for something you wouldn’t actually love wearing. Some garments may have loose threads, missing buttons, and pins still stuck in them from model alterations. Observe where your credit/debit card, keys and phone are at all times. You don’t want to lose those while handling items!
-Kindness Always! Sample sales may not have the staffing to assist you with questions like a regular shopping experience. You might encounter staff that will check your bag at the front (avoid bringing big bags). You might encounter long lines to get into the sale with minimal parking options. However, you can always choose to be kind amongst the circumstances and come out with some fabulous deals!

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